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Sometimes people ask me, why I am doing this… Why I am doing what? Business 2 Students? Strange people, really). Normally I am in the habit of doing things I like. It is reason number one. Besides, there is a certain social impact and experience exchange injected in this project’s idea. Professionals come to the students with their knowledge, ready to share it in a form of a master-class or a lecture, “growing” new generation colleagues. But there are much more hidden in this project…

Today we see in young people high level of emotional quotient and intelligence, of self-awareness and belief. In striving for better life and career they demonstrate new mix of qualities. Fast and impudent, brave and active – these young people are always the first. They first get better job offers, they first get more opportunities, and best teams. Business2Students is for young people like this. This project is the answer to their demand. Personally I know many students, who managed to overcome lots of obstacles and get to the company of their dream. There are many stories about Business2Students as a career catalyst, and all of them are very real, they are part of the real life… And this is what I immensely like! And this is the reason why I am doing this.

Natalia Dmitrenko
Natalia Dmitrenko
Business 2 Students initiator

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